FOCA Funding Function – How it Works Q&A

Why is FOCA needed to help raise additional funds for CRLS athletics? FOCA supported fund raising enhances the quality of athletics by providing for goods, services and programming that often fall outside the CPS budget. These supplements also give coaches added encouragement, foster a greater sense of ownership among players, increase parent engagement, and help build community through the event nature of many fund raisers.

Why is it necessary to have a non-profit fiscal conduit? Supplemental funds cannot be held within the school/city accounts or by individual coaches or staff. It is therefore necessary to establish supporting ‘booster clubs’ like FOCA. As a non-profit FOCA provides for tax deductible donations, possesses an independent bank account with separate team accounts, and draws on parent volunteers for management.

How are the funds raised and used? Teams participate in fund-raising with coach and parent support. Proceeds are spent at the Athletic Director and coaches discretion on goods and services. While most of the funds raised go directly to team accounts a percentage goes to the FOCA ‘general fund’. These general funds are dispersed through a grant application process to which coaches apply. The fund also supports special projects. FOCA also sponsors special projects such as the School Store and launch of new programs like Rugby, Girls Hockey and between season fitness training. College scholarships are another destination for the general fund. $3000 in scholarships were awarded in 2014) to student athletes.

Grants awarded in 2014:

  • Golf – Greens fees
  • Athletic Trainers – Healthy snacks for athletes from all teams
  • Football – Healthy food and beverages for pre-season training camp
  • Lacrosse – Equipment for Cambridge Youth Lacrosse Feeder Program (sticks, eye protection, mouth guards)
  • Boys and Girls Crew – Oars and rowing machine
  • Swimming – Conditioning equipment
  • Wrestling -Warm-up jackets
  • Boys Varsity Ice Hockey – Equipment bags for the entire team
  • Basketball -Training equipment

Coaches Grants awarded in 2013:

  • Wrestling – Portable scale for weighing in athletes
  • Co-ed Gymnastics – Specialty training mats
  • Girls & Boys Volleyball – White board for strategy/planning
  • Co-ed Golf – Green time at Stone Meadow golf course
  • Football – Healthy food and beverages for pre-season training camp
  • Boys’ Ice Hockey – Away game jerseys and matching pants
  • Girls’ Lacrosse – Lacrosse sticks
  • Athletic Trainers – Healthy snacks for athletes from all teams

Special Projects in 2014:

  • School Store and CRLS ‘Falcon-wear’ – FOCA supports the CRLS School Store through the vetting and purchasing of clothing and with parent volunteers who also help staff the store-front located adjacent to the high school lobby and via mobile store system for games and events
  • Pre-season loan – This is a program allowing coaches to make timely purchases prior to fund raising events which often don’t occur until mid-season
  • Fitness training – Conditioning for athletes between seasons is critical for diminished injury, improved health and more competitive team performance