Athletic Teams Parent Liaison – Recommended Guidelines

Dear Parent Team Liaison,

Please get together with your head coach and look over the following guidelines to help inform how you can best support the team and coaches. Each sport and team has a distinctive set of circumstances, so adjustments to the list are expected. Once discussed please inform parents of your role, what it entails, and how they can participate.

Thank you for volunteering!

Monica Toft, President
Tom Arria, Athletics Director

Some Key Recommended Tasks:

  1. Establish a team contact list including e-list (include just parents/coaches OR parent/coaches/players) with support of coaches and the athletic office
  2. Encourage parent attendance at games/meets and carpooling – and remind parents about game times and especially away game locations (see the athletics webpage)
  3. Rally team participation in fund raisers including reminders to parents about the seasonal FOCA fund raiser and other team specific fund raiser events.
  4. Help coaches with collection and documenting of money received (either from fund raisers or for purchase of supplemental player items such as sweats) and handing over of funds to FOCA for deposit into the team accounts.
  5. Recruit parents to organize team social event(s) like team dinner(s) or service projects with players, coaches and parents. These events can significantly advance team development, sense of belonging, fun and inclusion. High priority!
  6. Attend at least one FOCA meeting (2nd Tuesday of the month) during the season

Other Important Points to Consider:

  1. Pass along important messages from coaches, Athletic Director and FOCA – determine with coaches what they may want to communicate directly with families via email, and when they want parent assistance. Have strategy that includes freshmen & JV teams.
  2. Model and encourage appropriate fan/parent behavior – the CRLS Athletics handbook suggests: ‘Be a fan, not a fanatic’. We are modeling sportsmanship for our children, and consider that others judge our city & school based on their experience with parent/fans.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the CRLS Athletic Department Handbook – it is very helpful.