Dear Friends,

I am excited to share that as Roberta Goto and I step down on June 30th as FOCA Secretary and President respectively that we have a skilled and robust group of new and returning board members. To date these include:

Offering important continuity is Sean McDonnell returning as Treasurer

I’ll also extend tremendous appreciation for the contributions of At-large board members stepping down: Roxann Hymon, Gary Dougherty, Joe Avin, and Alice Heller.

There are still board openings – as well as many other ways to contribute so keep an eye out for further announcements – and please be in touch if you, or someone you know, may be interested in joining our efforts. I can assure you that the rewards gained from this volunteer endeavor will consistently exceed any seeming loss of family time, sleep, brain band-width etc…!

For me the past 5 years have been wonderfully full.…full of: inspiration from the friendships, satisfaction as we maintained a FOCA 18-year tradition supporting coaches and teams, learning as we improved our internal systems, curiosity as we explored and advanced many collaborations, and… challenges especially as we all grapple within a society/city still sorting out how to shift old school thinking about sports to a better integrated vision of athletics as an educative process for developing strong social competencies. Achieving this with greater consistency is one important goal that relies on broader engagement of families, school staff and the community. To that end FOCA events and activities will continue to serve as a significant support.

Though ‘aging out’ of this parent volunteer role while making way for new leaders I welcome your suggestion and participation in this important period of FOCA transition. Of course also feel free to contact Kevin and Nadia. You can also refresh your familiarity with FOCA by visiting our website.

In the spirit of learning and community,


Larry Childs, President

Friends of Cambridge Athletics